Safer Medway Exclusion Notice Scheme

There is an implied invitation by retailers for members of the public to enter their premises and either buy or view the merchandise on display. The issue of an exclusion notice withdraws that invitation to anyone issued with one.

The scheme allows the Management team to issue a notice excluding persons from all premises run by Safer Medway Partnership members.

The scheme is overseen by the Safer Medway Crime Reduction Partnership, and the Operations Manager is responsible for administering the scheme and liaising with its members. Some retailers already operate similar notices but only in relation to their own premises.

Purpose of the scheme

The exclusion notice is intended to deter people involved in retail and business crime and social disorder in Medway and to protect Safer Medway Partnership members. It is also used to help rehabilitate offenders.

The Safer Medway Exclusion Notice Scheme operates by uniting the retail and social environment as one voice, thereby sending a strong message to those persistent criminals and trouble makers who regularly intimidate and harass staff. It lets them know they are not welcome in Medway. Many of these people are already known to the police and security staff.

Objectives of the Scheme
Criteria for the Issue of an Exclusion Notice

When a person has been arrested following an offence in a member's premises and a decision has been made to prosecute, an exclusion notice may be served.

Their may be an occasion when an offence has not been committed but would merit an exclusion notice. In these circumstances a member must have reasonable grounds to issue oner. For example, a disturbance or threats being made towards staff.

An application to serve an exclusion notice must be made to the Safer Medway Board of Management and that application will be considered at the earliest opportunity. The members requesting the notice will be informed of the decision.

Issuing of an Exclusion Notice

The serving of an exclusion notice may form an important part of the prosecution case against the subject. Adopting the correct procedure and ensuring it is correctly documented are therefore very important. The points below must be adhered to in ALL cases.

The notice will be issued by the Safer Medway Operations Manager. In extenuating circumstances a member of the Safer Management team may do this.

The exclusion notice should be read to the subject and they must be given the opportunity to comment. This reply must be recorded.

The subject must be given a chance to sign the form to acknowledge receipt of the form. This is acknowledgement of agreement with the notice.

There may be circumstances where the issue of the notice cannot be done in person. In this case service by recorded delivery will be sought. This should be avoided wherever possible.

An appropriate adult must be present when an exclusion notice is served to a juvenile (a person under the age of 17 years).